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Web: Vexiza S.L. | Based in: León, Spain | Program: Partner program (Silver)

Platform experience

Product Where Short description
ArcGIS Network Analyst n.a. Create navigable networks and incorporation of restrictions and limitations of passage. (With ArcMap & ArcGIS Server)
ArcGIS Online n.a. Publish map and application services, and their implementation in extensions to exploit the published information by creating dashboards and graphs.
ArcGIS Server n.a. Publish custom geoprocess and map services, which will be used in different applications, customizations of access capabilities to different services and performance optimizations.
Portal for ArcGIS n.a. Design a corporate Portal where to dump geographic information and its representation on maps and corporate applications.
ArcGIS Pro n.a. Use as a GIS desktop tool, perform spatial analysis, create geoprocessing models and publish maps through
Insights for ArcGIS n.a. elaboration of customized maps and reports based on data series with spatial component.

Developer products

From a developer perspective:

Product Where Short description
ArcPy n.a. Build models based on personalization and concatenation of different geoprocess tools.
ArcGIS API for JavaScript n.a. Web applications with VueJS and AngularJS to visualize and manage GIS information.
ArcGIS REST API n.a. Build geoprocesses in various projects for the management of mobility in traffic, emergencies and treatment of meteorological information.
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET n.a. Build an application for emergency resource management.
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android n.a. Build light clients for emergency management from the field.


Here you will their experience working with ArcGIS on different projects and references to their work with Esri customers:

  • Telecommunications: Design of FTTH and FTTO deployment networks.
  • Meteorology: Development of GIS services for the processing of meteorological information and generation of geolocalized alerts.


Customer Description More info
DGT Development and implementation of GIS solutions based on the ArcGIS platform within the DGT n.a. (internal use)
DGT Development of applications for the calculation of claims indices on ArcGIS Server n.a. (internal use)
Xunta de Galicia Development of solutions and services in emergencies n.a. (internal use)
Xunta de Galicia Development of solutions and services in MeteoGalicia n.a. (internal use)
Ayuntamiento de León Development of solutions for incident management and maintenance of traffic management elements n.a. (internal use)
Ayuntamiento de La Bañeza Business Directory of La Bañeza Preview

Additional resources

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: "Vexiza".


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