When we started this project we had in mind to mainly help developers, but later on we realized that it was also helpful for other users with different backgrounds. That's the reason because of the structure of this project has a "developer taste".

In this page I will try to explain why we started this collaborative project and the objective that it pursues.


Sometimes we hear that people new to ArcGIS find difficult to understand the technology because there are too much information about Esri and ArcGIS, but also because it is spread in many websites.

Some people also told us the documentation is tough to read because sometimes it assumes you already have some background on GIS and/or ArcGIS (and that's not always true).

But even if you are already familiar with ArcGIS you might also suffer sometimes trying to find some documentation, resources, ... related to a product or technology, and that's because in Esri we have more than 150 different sites on different subdomains (with a few thousands of pages).

Not even the search engines available1 . can offer a fulfilling solution to this problem, because not everything is ready to be indexed (for example some: community content or international distributor resources), and even if they could, they probably would not be able to properly structure and curate their results.

About the project

That's why we decided to build this project, a collection of awesome lists for ArcGIS developers, a place where anyone could find one page per technology or topic with the best official but also the best community resources we know, included the localized ones.

Example awesome pages: Web AppBuilder Developer Edition, Configurable Apps, Web Map Spec, Esri-Leaflet, ArcGIS Pro and it's SDK, Runtime SDK for Android, REST APIs, etc,

We are working closely with many ArcGIS experts to collect the best information available for each topic, but anyone is welcome to contribute (learn how).

Our goals are to make it easier for anyone:

  • To get started developing with ArcGIS
  • To have a better picture of the state of the art on any topic (with all its available resources)
  • To stay updated
  • To extend his knowledge about the ArcGIS platform and it possibilities.

We really hope this project helps you to become an ArcGIS experts in the ArcGIS Platform.

The contributors

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to answer any question you have, or start a conversation with you, in that case please use the issues section.


Search Engines: developers.arcgis.com/search, esri.com/search, https://www.esri.com/search), resources.arcgis.com/search/, blogs.esri.com/esri/globalsearch, arcgis.com/home/search.html, esri.com/videos/search, esri-es.github.io/arcgis-developer-tips-and-tricks/arcgis-online/search/...

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