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Data Interoperability - Extension

Extension for ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, and ArcGIS Enterprise that bring spatial data from many sources into the ArcGIS with no coding. Access not just geodatabases but hundreds (+400) of different files, databases, services, feeds, and more.

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ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension is a Desktop tool that allows you to incorporate almost 400 readers and writers to read and write to all types of data: databases, APIs, files (binary, flat, structured, semi-structured, standard and proprietary formats, ...). It also includes ~500 data transformers.

The user experience is a drag and drop / WYSIWYG experience, configuring and connecting elements manually to build extraction, transformation and output flows (load, file generation, serve raw data, ...).

You can publish ETL geoprocesses as a service.

Most common use cases:

  • Migration: Adoption of ArcGIS, working with ArcGIS
  • Connection: Apps with an API
  • Collaboration: Generate data in a business-friendly format
  • Validation: Feature-Level Business Rule Environment
  • Detection: Cross-Format Feature Interaction
  • Synchronization: Feature Services and other repositories



You can also check the official documentation for FME Desktop, FME Server, and FME Cloud



Event Title Length
n.a. ArcGIS Data Interoperability in ArcGIS Pro 48min 16secs

You might also find interesting videos at FME Youtube channel, Esri Industries, ArcGIS, EsriTV, Esri R&D Center etc, and distributor's Youtube Channels


Get the tool

You need at least ArcGIS Desktop + Data Interoperability Extension, and there are many ways to get it, here are a few listed:

Plan/Program Cost Duration Audience Purpose
ArcGIS Trials No 21 days Anyone Non-profits
Startup Program No Annual Startups Build products
Technology Exchange Program No Annual Industry Leaders Non-profits
ArcGIS for Personal/Student use Yes Unlimited Individuals Non-profits
Non-profits Organizations Yes Anual Non-profits Orgs Non-profits
ArcGIS Developer Plan Yes >=Builder Anyone Build products

Guidance information: programs with cost listed here are between: [90€ - 199€]

Feel free to contact Esri or your local distributor for more information:



More news:

Additional resources

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: "Data Interoperability".


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