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Open Vision

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Check the Esri's Open Vision webiste and video.

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Open Standards

ArcGIS supports 100+ different standards and many independent standards organizations.

Data Interoperability

Data & product Interoperability. Esri supports 300+ data formats including 200+ image and sensor formats.

Open Data

We assure ArcGIS can be used to share, discover, and integrate open data. More than 4,100 organizations has released more than 67,500 datasets

Open APIs and Specifications

Esri’s open APIs provide unparalleled access for your systems to connect with ArcGIS.

Learn more about: ArcGIS Open Specifications or ArcGIS Integrations.

Open Source

Esri has released 350+ open-source projects. We use and contribute to 200+ more.


Find Esri users and experts among the growing open community of people who are sharing experiences and ideas. (+10,000 developers, +200,000 questions and much more)

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