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Learn how ArcGIS is been used in tourism

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These are some of the Tourism GIS Applications:

  • Personality Atlas – Assigning personality stereotypes to countries around the world based on a sample size of global population’s perspectives. (Personality Atlas)
  • Tourist Map – Plotting out landmarks in tourist maps.
  • Sunrise and Sunset – Finding the perfect sunrise and sunset during at any given location. (SunCalc)
  • Subway Map – Simplifying maps for the reader to better understand such as the lines of a subway map in high contrasting colors. (Cartographer Toolkit** – Gretchen Peterson)
  • Linear Referencing – Using linear referencing along shorelines to track volumes of organic debris.
  • Off-Beaten Tracks – Finding the off-beaten track for backpackers and marking its position with 3 words. (Off-Beaten Track Location** – What3Words)
  • Safe Travel – Advising travelers where unsafe location are on a map.
  • Tourism Dollars – Tracking the exports of purchased goods and services using desire lines.
  • Sustainable Tourism Planning – Identifying conflicting interests from tourism and solving issues by examining suitable locations for proposed developments.
  • Hotel Search – Searching geographically for five star hotels using a circle radius.
  • Horizon Blockage – Calculating the horizon blocking line in all directions from a given observation point with gvSIG’s Horizon Blockage.
  • Travel Mode Detection – Detecting travel mode (walk, car, bus, subway and commuter rail) from a multi-modal transportation network using GIS and GPS in New York City.
  • Finding Islands – Using satellite to find uninhabited islands around the world** – Landsat found Landsat Island near the coast of Canada.
  • Time Zones – Representing time zones around the world.
  • Eco-Tourism Site Selection – Gauging environmental impacts for sustainable eco-tourism sites.
  • Virtual Travel – Seeing your destination before physically being there. (Google Earth Street View)
  • Geo-tagging – Discover places with 360 panoramic camera views. (Mapillary)
  • Highway Planning – Constructing viewpoints with multiple layers like ecology, topography and cultural features for a three-dimensional visual highway.
  • Virtual Arctic – Exploring the Arctic in Google Street View without getting out of your chair.
  • 3D Synthetic Scene – Overlaying synthetic scenes over real scene. (Manifold)
  • Life Travels – Accompanying travellers in their life travels in map-form. (Where in the World is Andrew?)
  • Yellowstone – Putting all the pieces together in a GIS database at Yellowstone National Park including its geologic past, geyser recharge and seismic activity.
  • Trip Planning – Adventuring around for your next road trip with pit stops and offbeat using suggested sites.
  • Observer Points – Calculating visibility through multiple observer points.
  • Historic Street View – Time-travelling in the past to see just how much a location has changed over time with historic street view.
  • Geocaching: gamify your city with a GPS-enabled treasure hunt | What is Geocaching?!
  • Geolocate audio guides | Similar idea:

Extracted from 1000 GIS Applications & Uses – How GIS Is Changing the World


The ArcGIS Platform offer more than 200 products and solutions, the most popular ones for INDUSTRY are:

  • Configurable Apps: Storymaps, Search near places template, ...
  • City Engine + ArcGIS Maps SDK for game engines: create compeling videos, games, immersive experiences. | City Engine sample | ArcGIS Maps SDKs for game engines demo
  • Quick capture: Gamify data collection o quickly collect information about your city's heritage, organice a geolocated picture contest, ...
  • Augeo: Build augmented reality experiences quickly | more about augeo
  • AppStudio > Map Tour template: Build a mobile app like this | Tutorial
  • Web AppBuilder & Experience builder: build web applications quickcly
  • Operations Dashboard
  • Network Analyst: shows and / or analyzes the accessibility of hiking trails, etc.
  • ArcGIS Hub: share data about your city

Third party technologies / ideas:

Events calendar app

Events Calendar is a configuration of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS that can be used by the general public to discover festivals, shows, concerts and other events occurring in a community. Event information can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. | Video demo

Awesome projects and cool demos


Additional resources

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: "industries".

Localized resources


Partners and startups

Organizations and the type of relation with this industry or technologies:

Company Background Country
COTESA Services Spain
Avuxi Content: GeoPopularity is an algorithm developed by AVUXI as part of the TopPlace™ produc Spain

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