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Configurable web apps

Configurable apps is a mechanism that allows users of an organization to create and configure web applications without having to write any code.

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So far Esri has released more than 40 open source templates with different purposes: collect/edit data, compare maps/layers, explore/summarize data, get directions, map social media, provide local information, showcase 2D or 3D maps, etc.

The best thing is that you as a developer can write your own templates (learn how).

Check the configurable apps Esri has been releasing during the last years:

Esri configurable apps evolution

You can see a full list of configurable apps on ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS


Esri's formal training: (available with a current maintenance subscription)

Paid course: Creating Story Maps with ArcGIS

Videos / Technical talks

Check this Esri Story Maps Youtube playlist.

On you will find many technical talks an it's slides use to be at

Source Title Length
n.a. 2017 Story Maps and Sustainable Development Goals 1h 23min 27secs
n.a. 2017 Design Story Maps to Change Hearts and Minds 50min 34secs
DevSummit 2017 Story Maps: Configuring and Customizing Web Apps 47min 8secs
n.a. 2016 How to create a Geoform 13min 51secs
DevSummit 2016 ArcGIS Online and Portal: Developing Custom JavaScript Applications 48min 5 secs
DevSummit 2015 ArcGIS Online: Configuring and Extending Web Application Templates 57min 44secs
Esri Training 2016 ArcGIS Online: App Basics 1min 53 secs
n.a. 2016 An Overview of the Map and App Gallery 24min 24 secs
UC 2016 Mapping: Story Maps: How to Tell Your Story Using Esri's Storytelling Apps 1h 12min 35secs
DevSummit 2015 Story Maps: Configuring and Customizing Web Apps 1h 1min 32secs
n.a. 2014 Customizing Story Map Web Apps 27min 59secs
UC 2013 Configuring Maps and Apps for the Public 20min 18secs
n.a. 2011 Ready to Use Configurable Web Apps 8min 42secs


Story maps to learn about story maps

Apps developed by Esri

The application-boilerplate-js is a starter application that simplifies the process of building templates for the template gallery.

  • geoform-template-js: GeoForm is a configurable template for form based data editing of a Feature Service.

  • interactive-legend: Interactive Legend Configurable App Template built with the 4.x ArcGIS API for JavaScript

  • social-media-map-template-js: The Social Media Template has an innovative use of social media, which allows you to display up-to-date, keyword-targeted social media points on a map.

  • public-information-map-template-js: An ArcGIS Online mapping template to showcase social media on a map for disaster response and public information.

  • Basic Viewer (Retired): Viewer is a configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map using a variety of tools.

  • basic-viewer-template: Classic Viewer is a configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map using a variety of tools.

  • map-gallery-template-js: This Public Gallery template is designed for anyone who wants to showcase their ArcGIS Online maps, layers, and mobile apps in a dynamic web gallery.

  • map-tools-template: Configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map using a variety of tools.

  • time-aware-template: Time Aware is a configurable application template that enables you to display time enabled layers in an ArcGIS web map using a time slider.

  • elevation-profile-template: Elevation Profile is a configurable application template used to display the elevation profile for a selected feature or a measured line along with a web map.

  • InteractiveFilter a.k.a. Filter: Filter is a configurable application template that displays a map with an interactive filtered view of a feature layer.

  • calcite-maps-styler-template a.k.a. Styler (beta): An ArcGIS configurable application for creating, styling and sharing modern-looking 2D and 3D map apps. Built with ArcGIS for Javascript API v4, Calcite Maps and Bootstrap.

  • impact-summary-map-template-js: This interactive map highlights who and what has been impacted by this incident and shows the effects of the disaster, its location, and the potential impact it has caused to the infrastructure, businesses, population, and households in and around area of the disaster.

  • SimpleViewer: Simple Map Viewer is a configurable application template that provides a simple user experience for exploring any web map.

  • map-and-app-gallery-template: A template to create a configurable, filterable, and responsive application for your maps, apps, and more. - More info

  • Compare-Maps-Template: Compare Analysis is a configurable app template with the ability to display and compare up to four web maps at a time. This app relates web map content side by side for visual analysis. The first web map chosen in the app controls the extent of the succeeding web maps.

  • embed-template a.k.a. Minimalist: The Minimalist configurable app template is a simple map viewer with a minimal user interface.

  • 3DViz a.k.a 3D Data Visualization: Explore numeric attribute data from a feature layer in 3D. Visible numeric fields are displayed and values are ranked from highest to lowest. You can optionally represent each the value as a percentage of the total.

  • 3DScene a.k.a. Simple Scene Viewer: Simple Scene Viewer is a configurable app template that supports creation of a web app based on a global or local scene.

  • Compare3D a.k.a. Compare Scenes: Compare Scenes is a configurable app template that supports the exploration of different scenarios or locations with a side-by-side comparison of two 3D scenes.

  • ranking-template a.k.a. Geo List (beta): Geo List is a configurable app template that allows you to present an ordered list of features based on the values of a field. Users can page through the feature one at a time.

  • live-maps a.k.a. Live Maps (beta): Live Maps is a configurable app template that provides the ability to consume a live data feeds from a variety of sources.

  • summary-viewer-template: Summary Viewer is a configurable app template that summarizes the numeric attributes of features in a specified operational layer that are within the visible map area. The summaries can be configured to show the sum, average, minimum and maximum of specified field values.

  • Information Lookup: Information Lookup is a configurable web application template that can be used to provide the general public, internal staff and other interested parties with information about a location. If no features are found at that location, a general message is displayed. Optionally, the location entered can be stored in a point layer - More info.

  • Map Carousel: Map Carousel is a configurable gallery application template that can be used to display the contents of a group using a carousel or grid.

  • edit-template: Edit is a configurable application template that enables you to provide basic editing capabilites for editable layers in a web map.

  • directions: Directions is a configurable template for providing turn by turn directions to features within a layer or a specific destination.

  • local-perspective: Highlights features within a buffered distance of a user-selected location. Allows users to scroll through operational layers in the map to explore that location. Also provides demographic data, lifestyle data, live weather feed, and directions.

Story Maps

Story Maps are configurable apps designed specifically to help you tell a story.

You will find more information, tutorials and galleries for every story map at:

If you are a developer you may also want to take a look to some great examples of customizations made by developers to our out of the box Story Maps apps.

  • map-tour-storytelling-template-js: The Story Map Tour is ideal when you want to present a linear, place-based narrative featuring images or videos.

  • map-journal-storytelling-template-js: The Story Map Journal is ideal when you want to combine narrative text with maps and other embedded content.

  • storymap-cascade: Story Map Cascade (beta) is a Story Map application that presents a narrative as a full-page, scrolling experience. This application is ideal for creating compelling immersive stories that include images, video, and 2D and 3D maps, especially when you have a lot of text and detail to convey. When you configure a Cascade story, an interactive builder makes it easy to create your story.

  • map-series-storytelling-template-js: The Story Map Series lets you present a series of maps via tabs, numbered bullets, or a side accordion.

  • shortlist-storytelling-template-js: Story Map Shortlist is a Story Map application that lets you present places of interest, each with a photo and descriptive text, organized into tabs based on themes you choose, for example, restaurants, parks, historic sites, etc. As your users navigate around the map, the tabs update to show them just the places in the current map extent. Users can click on the places either in the tabs or on the map to find out about them. When you configure a Shortlist story, an interactive builder makes it easy to author your places. The Story Map Shortlist app was previously available only as downloadable code. This is the beta release of the new hosted version of the app.

  • swipe-map-storytelling-template-js a.k.a. Story Map Swipe and Spyglass: A storytelling template that enables users to reveal a layer of a web map or another web map using a vertical bar or a spy glass.

  • basic-map-storytelling-template-js: The Story Map Basic is a simple map viewer with a minimalist user interface.

  • side-accordion-map-storytelling-template-js: A storytelling template for publishing a web map to a general audience; includes accordion side panel and dropdown legend. Responsive design supports most devices with a single URL.

  • storymap-crowdsource: Story Map Crowdsource (beta) is a configurable application that lets you set up a Story Map that anyone can contribute to. Use it to engage a specific or general audience and collect their pictures and captions on any topic that interests you. Participants can log in with their social media account or ArcGIS account. When you configure a Crowdsource story, an interactive builder makes it easy to create your story and optionally review and approve contributions before they appear on the map.

Crowdsource apps

  • crowdsource-polling: Crowdsource Polling is a configurable app template that can be used for collecting feedback and assessing public sentiment for a series of proposals, plans, or events. Users are presented with a map and list of features containing the details of each proposal, plan, or event including any attached documents. These users can then submit their feedback in the form of votes and comments. Crowdsource Polling can be accessed anonymously and by authenticating via Facebook, Google+, or Twitter - More info.

  • crowdsource-manager: Crowdsource Manager is a configurable group app template that can be used for triaging crowd sourced data across multiple layers and maps as it is collected using applications such as Crowdsource Reporter or Collector. Using Crowdsource Manager, these reports can be reviewed and attributes such as assignment and status can be updated. Attachments and comments associated with each report are also accessible - More info.

  • crowdsource-reporter: Crowdsource Reporter is a configurable group app template that can be used for submitting a variety of issues or observations in a single application. Reports can be submitted anonymously, by ArcGIS named users, or by Facebook, Google+, or Twitter users. The app can also be configured to support voting for and commenting on reports submitted by others - More info.


Community & Support

If you have a question about a specific storymap we highly recommend you to open an issue on the specific repository.

Share your work

You are always welcome to share your work at GeoNet, Twitter and Linkedin (do not forget to mention: @EsriStoryMaps), storymaps influencers, etc. But you can also:

  • Share a story map submitting it to Planet Story Maps, an Esri e-newsletter featuring cool new story map examples, tips to help you produce better story maps, announcements about new apps and contests, and more. Maria Jordan is the editor. Contact her at

  • Share a configurable app you have written with the community. In this case please feel free to add a contribution to this page.

Sell your configurable app

Are you interested on selling your app? Then can do it if you you have:

  • Created manually a configurable app or storymap
  • Extended the functionality or improved the UX of an existing one
  • Created a configurable app using web app builder

You just need to publish your app here:

People you should know

Please find the ArcGIS Experts (story tellers and developers) on this topic here:

They don't work on the support team and some may even not work at Esri, but they are opening some projects and sharing insights related to this technology so we recommend you to follow them.

News about Configurable Apps

Additional Resources

ArcGIS Online accounts: StoryMaps

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: storymaps OR "configurable apps".

List of all Esri products in the "Esri Products - ArcGIS Platform" group

Localized resources



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