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Service types in ArcGIS

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Long time ago both the applications an the source code use to live in the same machine. Nowadays software architectures have evolved and distributed software is very common.

That's why ArcGIS provide many service type to be able to access to all the content stored in your databases or files.

Learn more about the: types of services can you publish?

Service type ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Enterprise
Feature service Yes Yes
Map service Yes Yes
Vector tile service Yes Yes
Geocode service no? Yes
Geodata service n.a Yes
Geometry service Yes
Image services Limited Yes (Image Server required)
KML service Yes
Network analyst service Yes
Scene service Yes Yes
Schematic service Yes
OGC service WFS and WMTS Yes
Stream service As item Yes
Geoprocessing service As item Yes

Note: What is geoprocessing?

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