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Tile Package (TPK)

Tile packages (.tpk) are a set of tiles (images) from a map or raster dataset that can be published as a web tile or a web elevation layer. Alternatively, the tile package can be used as a basemap in ArcGIS applications.

Table of contents

Quick overview


  • Purpose: Unknown
  • Data type: vector/raster
  • Type of format: GIS
  • Multi-file format: No
  • File type: binary
  • File extension(s): .tpk
  • Originally developed by: Organization/Unknown (year)
  • Technical description/Specification/Schema: URL
  • License: Unknown
  • Regulated by: Organization/Unknown
  • Status: industry-standard/de facto standard/open specification/proprietary/IETF standard/OGC standard/W3C standard/...
  • Sample file(s): URL(s)/Pending
  • Consumable by:
    • ArcGIS Online
    • ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap & ArcGIS Pro)
    • ArcGIS Runtimes
    • Collector for ArcGIS
    • AppStudio for ArcGIS
    • Survey123
    • ...


The tiles are wrapped into a single file, a .tpk file, so you can share the file as you would any other. You can email it, copy it to a network locale, upload it to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, and so on.

The tiles, known as a tile cache, are static; updates to the input data are not reflected in the tile cache.

About tile packages

Additional documentation


On and Esri Events you will find many technical talks.

Event Title Length
UC 2017 Desktop Mapping: Creating Vector Tiles 1h 19min 12secs

Additional resources

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: "tile package".

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