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Location-based services

Location-based services, formerly known as ready to use services are several services hosted on ArcGIS Online that can be consumed though a REST API.

Table of contents


Some of theres are free and some consume credits, those that consume credits require to be authenticated.


Geocoding (geocoder service)

Service URL:

Learn more about the Geocoding and Place Search service and the Geocoder coverage.

HowTos: Geocoding API DevLabs Overview of the World Geocoding Service

Trick: Custom geocoder with candidates filtered by URL:{{Country_code}}

For example:

Routing and Directions (routing service)

Service URLs: &


Demographics and GeoEnrichment (GeoEnrichment service)

Service URL:


Spatial Analysis (Spatial Analysis service)

Service URL:

HowTos: Spatial Analysis API DevLabs

Elevation (Elevation service)

Service URL:

Get started with Elevation Analysis services

Packaging (Offline Packaging Service)

Service URL:

Get started

REST API to calculate credit consumption

This REST API is not documented but if you debug the analysis tools inside the ArcGIS Online Web Viewer whenever you click the "Show credits" link you will find an AJAX request to this endpoint:<OPERATION>.

Use it to find the parameters you need to send in order to do the calculations.

More resources


  • Geometry engine
  • Print service
  • ...

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