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Mobile developers

Table of contents

Depending You have several tools to build

Build from scratch

Use any of our Runtime SDKs:

Name Language Platform
.Net (Xamarin) C# Windows, Android and iOS
Android Java Android
iOS Swift & Objective-C iOS
Qt C++ & QML Android, iOS



  • AR: Google Glass
  • VR: Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc.
  • Android Wear
  • ...

Configure and build

The ArcGIS Platform also include some products that allow you to make mobile applications with a simple and powerful interface, check this out.

Extent the Platform

You can write your own addins in order to be able to extend our desktop tools:

  • ArcMap using ArcPy
  • ArcCatalog using ArcPy
  • ArcGIS Pro using SDK for .Net

Geoprocessing tools using python

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