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Multi-Resolution Seamless Image Database (MrSID)

MrSID (pronounced Mister Sid) is an acronym that stands for multiresolution seamless image database. It is a file format (filename extension .sid) developed and patented by LizardTech for encoding of georeferenced raster graphics, such as orthophotos. | Source: wikipedia.

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Quick overview

Description: A proprietary compression technique especially for maintaining the quality of large images. Allows for a high compression ratio and fast access to large amounts of data at any scale. The MrSID Encoder is developed and supported by LizardTech, Inc. Supports generations 2, 3, and 4.

Extensions: Single file—extension *.sid, World file—extension *.sdw

Read/Write: Read-only

Supported data types: 8- and 16-bit unsigned integer

Supports multiband: Yes:

  • Generation 2 and generation 3—limited to 1 or 3 bands
  • Generation 4—unlimited"

Supports compression: Wavelet (lossy)

Supports color map: No


MrSID was originally developed for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With this format, large raster image files such as aerial photographs or satellite imagery are compressed and can be quickly viewed without having to decompress the entire file.

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