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Learn how ArcGIS is been used in logistics.

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Logistics in GIS is a segment of the transportation industry as: "Roads and Highways", "Public Transport and Rail", "Airports and Aviation" and "Ports and Maritime". And some resources you will find here references to the transportation industry in general.

Said that, ArcGIS can be in logistics for:

  • Optimize route planification and scheduling
    • Manage delivery windows
  • Calculate Estimate Time of Arrivals (ETAs)
  • Optimize campus and indoor routing
  • Real time fleet monitoring
  • Visualize real time traffic and incidents
  • Geofencing
  • Asset and workforce tracking
  • Navigation
  • Executive and operational dashboards
  • Location-based business development analysis
  • Environmental management
  • ...

You can find more at the European Transportation GIS Summit

There are also two storymaps related to this segment built by the Esri Transportation Team:


You can find a Transportation playlist on the Esri Industries Youtube channel.

On and Esri Events you might also find many technical talks related to this industry.

Event Title Length
UC 2018 Network Analyst: Optimize Your Fleet of Vehicles with the VRP Solver
DevSummit 2017 ArcGIS Online: Developing Web Applications with Routing Services 52min 17secs

You might also find interesting videos at ArcGIS, EsriTV, Esri R&D Center etc


More slides in or check on GeoNet.

The ArcGIS Platform offer more than 200 products and solutions, the most popular ones for logistics are:

Content for this industry

Check existing geolocated content in Awesome ArcGIS > ArcGIS > Content

You might also find interesting content from some Esri users or groups in ArcGIS Online.

Search logistics related items in:

Or Location-based services: routing service, spatial analysis, ...

You might find more content in: ArcGIS Open Data, Living Atlas of the world, Marketplace, ArcGIS Online content shared publicly & Awesome ArcGIS Content.

Awesome projects and cool demos

Find awesome projects and cool demos in the Awesome ArcGIS organization in ArcGIS Online.


You can find Esri Customers talking about Transportation on GeoNet:


More news:

Additional resources

There is also an Awesome ArcGIS organization in ArcGIS Online, explore:

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: "logistics".

You might also find interesting content from some Esri users or groups in ArcGIS Online

Customer references

Partners, alliances and startups

Organizations and the type of relation with this industry or technologies:

Company Relation type Headquarters
HERE World Traffic Service, StreetMap Premium, etc. United States
Waze Waze Live Alerts Layer, Waze for GeoEvent Server, ... United States
TomTom Partner Gold United States
SAP ArcGIS Enterprise geodatabase for SAP HANA Germany

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