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ArcGIS Business Analyst

Get location-based insight for market planning, site selection, and customer segmentation plus 15,000+ variables of market data for maps, analytics, and reports.

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Business Analyst helps you make smarter market planning, site selection, and customer segmentation decisions by combining demographic, lifestyle, behavioral, and spending data, maps and reports with location-driven analytics.

  • Identify the under-performing markets.
  • Pinpoint the right growth sites.
  • Find where your target customers live.
  • Share the market research across your organization.

Check the ArcGIS Business Analyst product page.

Also get started with the ArcGIS Business Analyst Web and Mobile Apps:

Get started with the Business Analyst Web App

Youtube playlist: ArcGIS Business Analyst

More videos about ArcGIS Business Analyst: ArcGIS Business Analyst Youtube Playlist and at Esri Events channel.


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