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Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) was founded in 1969 by Jack and Laura Dangermond. Today it software ( ArcGIS ) is been used by a 40% of the global market. The company have more than 350000 customers worldwide, 8000 employees, 1600 partners, 90 offices and $1.1B on revenue.

It organize multiple events annually and the biggest one (the User Conference in San Diego) brings together more than 15000 users. There is also a developer focused event, the Developer Summit, it take place at Palm Springs (USA) and Berlin (EU) every year.

Check this diagram to know more about the GIS and Esri evolution:

Esri Evolution

If you want to know more about ArcGIS capabilities, features, ... we encourage you to start checking some of these sites:

  • ArcGIS patterns and capabilities: analysis and planification, operational awareness, field data collection, assets management and community engagement | spatial analysis, real time, big data, 3D, imagery and sensors, etc.
  • ArcGIS features: content ready to use, visualization, spatial analysis, team administrations, apps, tools for developers, etc.
  • How GIS works: five steps: ask, collect, examine, analyse and act.
  • Esri Map Book: Esri Map Book showcases maps and applications that use ArcGIS to evaluate the sustainability of resources, determine efficient transportation routes, mitigate the effects of natural disasters, and much more

Learn more about:


First thing you will notice when entering to "the Esri World" is the tons of resources and websites (+200 domains) that are available to you. This page aims to help you better understand which they are and what they are about.

Note: there still many domains missing in this page, we will try to extend it as soon as possible.

Note 2: we are not considering the +80 Esri distributors websites like UK, Spain, France, etc.

For the General Public

This domains collect general information, news and sample apps anyone could be interested when trying to understand what Esri and ArcGIS, some also include open datasets anyone could use and community initiatives anyone could join.

Domain Description Information about the company, products, Industries, etc. Esri Blogs about: products, labs, communities, training, ... The Esri blog tells stories about the unique way that GIS connects seemingly unrelated information through the common attribute of location. Keep up-to-speed on the latest applications of GIS. This is our product called ArcGIS Online (our cloud product) This is our product called ArcGIS hub which can be adquired with ArcGIS Online A collection of creative maps that use the Esri Mapping Platform to demonstrate how solutions can be enriched with the power of location Another collection of awesome maps Esri’s Applications Prototype Lab site. It showcases our latest demonstrations, prototypes and proof of concepts Esri Portland R&D Center Esri R&D DC

Specific for ArcGIS Users

If you are an ArcGIS administrators or a desktop users you will find specific tutorials, support pages, tools and documentation on these domains.

Domain Description Guided lessons (tutorials) based on real-world problems Support page for Esri Customers Non developer documentation for ArcGIS Products It is no longer updated. Moved to Third party applications n.a. n.a. Users draw on Landsat's different bands to better explore the planet's geology, vegetation, agriculture, and cities. Additionally, the app offers instant access to the entire Landsat archive, allowing users to visualize how the Earth's surface has changed over the last forty years.

Specific for ArcGIS Developers

If you are a developer you will find documentation, tutorials, tools and sample codes in these domains.

Domain Description Developer documentation Developer tutorials n.a. Github Account n.a. n.a.

For anyone (users, admins and developers) working with ArcGIS

No matter what's your job, you will find documentation, courses, books, community pages, tools, ... for ArcGIS users on this domains.

Domain Description Landing page with links to every product's documentation page Free courses and paid courses Esri Press publishes books and tutorials on GIS, cartography, and the application of spatial analysis. All publications are available to purchase online. Esri massive open online courses (MOOCs) Esri Community Site Early adopter community Interface to help anyone to find code samples hosted as items in ArcGIS Online (equivalent search) Official channel to host the slides of every Esri Event but also to find User Groups Technical articles, white papers, patches, software updates, product lifecycles, system requirements Video portal mixing content hosted by itself and our Youtube channels. n.a Alias of Alias of Alias of

Youtube channels

You can also find more information on any of our Youtube Channels:

Name Subscribers Topics (Playlists)
Esri Events +4425 >23 playlists: 2017 Developer Summit Plenary, ...
ArcGIS +3500 >35 playlists: Insights, GeoDev Webinar Series,...
Esri Industries +1300 >23 playlists: Goverment, Public Safety, Water
EsriTV +800 >8 playlists: ArcGIS Pro, Esri 2017 Federal GIS Plenary, ...
Esri R&D Center +180 Few videos
Esri Applications Prototype Lab +130 +40 videos
ArcGIS Maps for Office 95 7

Country Specifics

Official distributor channels

Community channels

Esri employees:

Team Channels

Twitter accounts

Corporative accounts

Account Description
Esri Esri users create maps that run the world. ArcGIS an open platform for: GIS, 3D, Imagery, Apps, Iot, Cities, BigData, Geodesign, TheScienceofWhere
Esri Blog The Esri Blog relates innovation in the real world to the power of GIS.
Esri Globe News on GIS and smart mapping from Esri (subscribe -
Esri Support Esri Support Services provides world-class support to help our customers. Via Twitter, we'll share info about Esri's online support resources and more! -
Esri Careers Connect with us for insight into the #EsriExperience! -
Real-Time GIS n.a.





Training & learning


Other accounts

Esri Twitter lists

Github accounts

ArcGIS Online Users

Esri own many ArcGIS Online organizations, and each of them have many users. Some of those users are used for personal use and some of them to publish team work under the same username. So Esri share items by one or another way: using organizations groups or team users.

Here we will focus on team users but you can list User's groups from their profile (click on: View User's Groups):

Additional resources

Localized resources


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