Vector Tile Style Editor

It Is an online editor that you can use to style vector tile layers and create custom basemaps for your applications. You can edit any of the colors, labels, and sprites for the different layers present, e.g. land, water, roads, boundaries, and nature, and then save the styles as your own basemaps.

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Disclaimer: Although this application could be considered a product as such, you will not find any landing page on promoting it.

You can access it on through:




Support and Community

If needed, remember you can always check the Technical Support Website for developer products and the Technical Support Blog at GeoNet to find additional resources.

Community channels:


Additional resources

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: "Vector Tile Style Editor for ArcGIS".

List of all Esri products in the "Esri Products - ArcGIS Platform" group


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