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jQuery developers

You can combine ArcGIS API for JavaScript with Backbone in your developments, we will show you how in this page.

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If you are used to work with jQuery you can load the jQuery library and use it instead of using Dojo to manage the DOM, Ajax, events, etc. Of course you can also use jQuery plugins, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, Calcite Bootstrap, ... or any other technology built on top of jQuery.


Videos / Technical talks

On you will find many technical talks and slides from

Event Title Slides Length
DevSummit 2015 Bootstrap: Taking Your Mapping UI and UX to the Next Level PDF 26min 39secs
DevSummit 2015 ArcGIS API for JavaScript - Building Native Apps using PhoneGap and JQuery PDF 58min 35secs


People you should know

Please find the ArcGIS Experts (story tellers and developers) on this topic here:

They don't work on the support team and some may even not work at Esri, but they are opening some projects and sharing insights related to this technology so we recommend you to follow them.

We recommend you to take a look to:

Here you will find a lot of interesting resources to learn an improve your skills with jQuery:

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