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Under the Copernicus Program from the European Space Agency (ESA) which is part of the European Commission (EC) had run several earth observation missions called Sentinel missions.

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Sentinel-2 Imagery Services provides global 10m imagery for Earth observation and analysis:

  • Continuity with the Landsat Missions
  • Multispectral
    • 13 spectral bands (4x10m, 6x20m, 3x60m)
      • 3 Red-Edge bands for enhanced vegetative analysis
  • Multitemporal
    • Location revisit approximately 5 days
    • Las 14 months available via ArcGIS online
    • Updated daily with the latest available imagery
  • Hosted in Amazon Web Services - Frankfurt Region
  • Open access via Sentinel Explorer App
  • Full access with ArcGIS susbcription (no credits)

Satellite sensor raster types:

Services and apps

Sentinel-2 Imagery Services (Beta release):

  • Sentinel Imagery: ArcGIS Online group provides a consolidated location for all of the Esri hosted Sentinel-2 layers
  • Sentinel-2 Views provides access to available Sentinel-2 imagery, band combinations, and indices.
    • The ‘best of’ imagery is displayed by default via a custom filter. This can be removed to explore the full 14 month archive.
  • Sentinel Explorer app provides open access to the most recent and most cloud free imagery available.
  • Full service access, including 14 month rolling archive, requires an ArcGIS subscription.

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