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Very short description about it

Table of contents

Quick overview

  • Purpose: Unknown
  • Data type: raster
  • Type of format: GIS
  • Multi-file format: Yes/No/Optional
  • File type: binary/text-file
  • File extension(s): .ecw
  • Originally developed by: Organization/Unknown (year)
  • Technical description: URL
  • License: Unknown
  • Regulated by: Organization/Unknown
  • Status: industry-standard/de facto standard/standard/....
  • Sample file(s): URL(s)
  • Consumable by: Esri products supporting it


Extended description

Additional documentation

Links to other additional resources

Tools & Samples

Github projects, conversion tools (Data interoperability, etc), ...

Additional resources

Replace FILE_FORMAT in the next paragraph and remove the ```.

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the [ArcGIS Search]( tool looking for: ["FILE_FORMAT"]("FILE_FORMAT"&utm_campaign=awesome-list&utm_source=awesome-list&utm_medium=page).

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