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Desktop developers

Desktop developer have several tools to build applications

Table of contents

Build from scratch

You can use any of the following Runtime SDKs to build custom desktop apps:

Name Language Desktop OS Mobile OS
.NET C# Windows Android, iOS & Windows Phone
Java Java Windows, Linux & Mac None
Qt C++ & QML Windows, Linux & Mac Android, iOS & Windows Phone
macOS Swift & Objective-C Mac None

As you noticed, some of those Runtimes can also be used to build mobile apps.

Configure and build

Check this out

Extent the Platform

You can write your own add-ins in order to be able to extend our desktop tools:

  • ArcMap using ArcPy
  • ArcCatalog using ArcPy
  • ArcGIS Pro using SDK for .Net

Geoprocessing tools using python

If you are a desktop developer you may also want to consider to extend our desktop tools

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