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SafeGraph Inc

SafeGraph builds and maintains location datasets to accelerate innovation including the most accurate points of interest (POIs) dataset for the United States. |

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Web: SafeGraph | Based in: United States | Program: Startup program

SafeGraph believes that observing a populations movement pattern is essential in understanding their wants and needs. That's why we're building the ground truth dataset for human movement across the globe. We deliver high quality location data products that help organizations make better decisions and improves lives.

Learn more about SafeGraph on this storymap


Products developed on top of the ArcGIS platform or integrated with ArcGIS:

Product Integration Description
SafeGraph Places Hosted Feature Service Offer 5 millions POIs Data for free


They have experience in this areas:

SafeGraph videos at Esri Industries Youtube Channel


They are working with companies like KMPG, Oath (a Verizon Company), billups, NinthDecimal, SkyHook, etc.

Slides mentioning SafeGraph at Esri Events

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