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What is a community?

A common definition of community emerged as a group of people with diverse characteristics who are linked by social ties, share common perspectives, and engage in joint action in geographical locations or settings. - Source:

So there are many ArcGIS users sharing content and helping each other on many channels, locations, ... Many Esri employees also participate on these communities in their spare time sharing contents, helping other users but also asking questions.

Here you will find a compilation of channels and contents.

Global communities

The official channel maintained by Esri for the global community of ArcGIS users is GeoNet, but there are other channel were you will find content generated by the community:

Community channel User type Contents Any +250K Q&A, articles, ...
Youtube Any +250K videos Any +40K Q&A Any +13K ideas
StackOverflow Developers +4.7K Q&A Any +2.5K articles Developers +1.1K Q&A


Early Adopter Community

Learn more about the: Early Adopter Community

Local communities

There are many initiatives for developers running simultaneously around Esri Technologies worldwide.






Esri Spain runs most of their initiatives in Spanish and online, but sometimes they also do some in english and in person.

More initiatives: Slack, etc.


GeoMentors: Help teachers bring Geography to life with ArcGIS



GeoMentors: Help teachers bring Geography to life with ArcGIS


People you should know

You can find all the developer advocates at, but you might also want to know who is the people leading this initiatives (the Developer Program Managers):

Photo Name Country Twitter Github
David David Martinez USA @davidjmart dmartine
Sean Sean McGee UK @hertswestuk @smcgee2
Raul Raul Jimenez Spain @hhkaos @hhkaos
Mark Mark Jagt Netherlands n.a. @mjagt
Deiro González Deiro González Colombia @deironica n.a.
Stephan Künster Stephan Künster Germany @skuenster n.a.
Vijay Vijay Kumar India @vijaysiwal n.a.
Takahiro KAMIYA Takahiro Kamiya Japan @freedom_tk n.a.
Kevin Escalera Robles Kevin Escalera Panama @kescalera84 @kescalera84

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