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ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Implement more than 300 classes that allow you to build powerful 2D and 3D maps, spatial analysis, data visualizations, etc.

ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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At this point in time has are two generations of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript been maintained:

If you are familiar with the ArcGIS API you can check this functionality matrix, if you are not and need some hep to decide, then go to the JavaScript API group at GeoNet.

ArcGIS API for JavaScript uses Dojo Toolkit internally).


In this section we will focus on Dojo Toolkit training

Videos / Technical talks

On you will find many technical talks and slides from

Event Title Length Slides
DevSummit 2014 Dojo: The Good Parts 1h 4min 32 secs PDF
DevSummit 2014 Using Dojo to be Awesome! 26min 37secs n.a.
DevSummit 2014 Demystifying the Dojo Build System 24min 53 secs n.a.


More resources

We recommend you to take a look to:

People you should know

Please find the ArcGIS Experts (story tellers and developers) on this topic here:

They don't work on the support team and some may even not work at Esri, but they are opening some projects and sharing insights related to this technology so we recommend you to follow them.

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