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Front-end developers

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Introduction to ArcGIS API

ArcGIS Javascript API is built in top of Dojo Toolkit because it was the first technology allowing to load dependencies in an asynchronous way (using AMD) as many other modern libraries are doing today (JSConfUS 2013: Dojo already did that).

Getting started

If you are one of those who do not like reading and prefer to learn by looking at code, visit:

Compatible technologies

If you are still reading ... go to "Technologies" to learn how to combine ArcGIS JS API with almost any other framework/library. Do not forget to read the best practices in order to get the most of ArcGIS.


There is no technical restrictions that avoid you to start building web applications without signing up, but in order to be able to take the advantage of using custom vector maps, store geolocated data, use webmaps, use the smart-mapping tools, use some Location-based services, etc we recommend you to sign up for a free account.

Learn more about pricing at: ArcGIS > Developer Plan > Background > Web.

Web mapping history

Did you know how web mapping evolved during the last twenty years? And when each company or technology was launched?, this this diagram:

Web Mapping History

More resources

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