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Very short description about it

Table of contents

Quick overview

  • Purpose: Unknown
  • Data type: vector/raster
  • Type of format: GIS
  • Multi-file format: Yes/No/Optional
  • File type: binary/plain-text
  • File extension(s): .WHATEVER
  • Originally developed by: Organization/Unknown (year)
  • Technical description/specification: URL
  • License: Unknown
  • Regulated by: Organization/Unknown
  • Status: industry-standard/de facto standard/standard/open specification/proprietary....
  • Sample file(s): URL(s)/Pending
  • Consumable by: Esri products supporting it


Extended description

Additional documentation

Links to other additional resources, news, ..


Github projects, conversion tools (Data interoperability, etc), ...

Additional resources

Replace FILE_FORMAT in the next paragraph and remove the ```.

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the [ArcGIS Search](https://esri-es.github.io/arcgis-search/) tool looking for: ["FILE_FORMAT"](https://esri-es.github.io/arcgis-search/?search="FILE_FORMAT"&utm_campaign=awesome-list&utm_source=awesome-list&utm_medium=page).

Other pages in the awesome list that could be helpful for the target audience of this page (or third party awesome lists), third party MOOCs, related pages inside the awesome related to this topic, etc.

Localized resources

In case a distributor has made additional documentation, docs, https://geonet.esri.com/groups/geodev-spain, etc (add a #### Language section)

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