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GeoPackage (GPKG) is a data format for geographic information system implemented as a SQLite database container.

Table of contents

Quick overview


GeoPackage is a universal file format for vector and raster spatial data.

It is open, standards-based, and independent of platforms or applications. It has been built on the basis of SQLite, so it uses SQL to use GeoPackage on any desktop or mobile operating system.

The GeoPackage specification describes a set of conventions for storage in a SQLite database of:

  • Vector entities.
  • A set of matrix of tiles of images and raster maps at different scales.
  • Scheme.
  • Metadata
  • Extensions

As it is a database, it supports direct use, which means that we can access and update your data in a native storage format without the need for intermediate conversions.

ArcGIS in versions higher than ArcGIS 10.3 and ArcGIS Pro support the reading of Vector GeoPackages.

Additional documentation

Tools & Samples

Additional resources

Probably not all the resources are in this list, please use the ArcGIS Search tool looking for: "geopackage".

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