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ArcGIS Online provide a set of endpoints that will allow us to manage content, search data, use ready to use services (geocoding and place search, directions and routing, demographics, analysis) and much more.

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The ArcGIS Online REST API is one of the ArcGIS REST APIs which is also part of the Esri's Open Vision)).

In the ArcGIS REST API official documentation you will find everything about how to use ArcGIS Online APIs. There are hundreds of endpoints to do things like:

  • Manage items: databases, files, permissions, apps, ...
  • Manage an organization: members, groups, settings, ...
  • Consume data: Living Atlas, Open Data, ArcGIS user community, ...
  • Access public and free services: geometry engine, place search, ...
  • Authenticate: to access premium services, your private content, ...

You can access or manage any product built on top of the ArcGIS Online using it's API. For example: Living Atlas, ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Marketplace, ...

Getting started

If you want to jump directly to the code you can do find some tutorials in the ArcGIS Dev Labs.



Warning: some products like the Living Atlas, ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Marketplace, etc haven't got (yet) any specific documentation about their APIs, so you might need to do some reverse engineering


We have created a ArcGIS REST API Youtube playlist that we think it might be worth to you to save (how to save a Youtube Playlist).

On and Esri Events you will find many technical talks. Or check Esri Geodev channel for short videos.

Event Title Length
DevSummit 2020 Hosted Feature Services Webhooks 5min
DevSummit 2020 Node.js and Browser Applications with ArcGIS REST JS 49min 43secs
DevSummit 2020 ArcGIS REST JS: Universal, Isomorphic Tasty JavaScript for Much Win 1h 02min 2secs
GeoDev Webinar 2019 ArcGIS REST JS: Portal and Server API 1h
DevSummit 2019 Interacting with Hosted Feature Layers through the REST API 29min 43secs
n.a. Using the ArcGIS REST Query Page 8min 24secs

You might also find interesting videos at Esri Industries, ArcGIS, EsriTV, Esri R&D Center etc, and distributor's Youtube Channels



ArcGIS-API-REST: Postman collections for ArcGIS REST APIs

ArcGIS REST API wrappers:


  • Fiddler: web debugging tool for logging HTTP/S traffic. Inspect traffic, mock requests/responses, share sessions, collaborate within teams to debug issues.



About ArcGIS Open Data:

Additional resources

  • Koop: Transform, query, and download geospatial data on the web. (support ArcGIS REST API as an output)

Localized resources


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